5 Negative effects of eating in front of the computer

Know the risks of eating in the office, especially in front of the computer.

The demands of today’s working and student world make us spend more time concentrating in front of the monitor. However, it is important to take into account the risks of creating the habit of doing activities without disconnecting from the computer, cell phone, iPad, etc. One of those things that we usually do in front of the computer is to eat; therefore we give to know these 5 negative effects caused by this habit:

Overeating: Being more focused on the monitor eating, you lose track of what you eat and it induces you to overeat. In addition, you lose the pleasure of tasting the food.

Poor digestion: Do not take time to eat food and eat your food properly because of concerns of backlogs, it can cause poor digestion.

Anxiety: According to recent studies, people who eat at the computer, have difficulty remembering what they ate, resulting in a lower sense of satisfaction, resulting in increased anxiety to consume more food to fill.

Lack of social contact. While social networks allow you to communicate virtually with friends, if you stop sharing meals with your co-workers or your family you will lose the real contact, which is ultimately the basis of good links.

More sedentary lifestyle: Not give time to eat in peace, you contribute even more to lead a sedentary life that can acarrearte negative consequences of long – term health.